What do I have to do to come to Germany?

  • You need a completed education as a nurse, MTRA or midwife.
  • Send us your diploma, CV, deficit notice and your German certificate, if available to jobs@recruitmed.de. We will take care of the rest.

I don't know the language. Can I get a job if I only know English?

  • No, unfortunately not. You need at least a B1 certificate so we can start the process and a B2 certificate so you can get your recognition in Germany.

What documents do I need to prepare and how long will it take?

  • Until the actual arrival, we need different documents, such as your diploma, certificates, birth or marriage certificate as a certified copy and also translated. We will explain to you exactly which documents you need to prepare.

Will my employer provide me with accommodation when I arrive in Germany?

  • Yes, you will always be provided with an apartment for your start. As a rule, you can stay there during your recognition. For the time after that, you will have to look for an apartment. Here you will be supported by us and the clinic. The costs for accommodation vary from region to region. A room can cost from 250-600€.

How long is the contract with the employer and can I change employers after that?

  • This varies from clinic to clinic, but the clinic naturally wants long-term employment. However, you have the possibility to change your employer if something is not right. Here you have to keep to the deadlines in your contract. Your employment contract in the recognition is of course limited. When you have finished your recognition, many clinics directly issue unlimited contracts.

How long will it take until I can come to Germany?

  • That depends on you alone. The application for the work permit should be submitted and the German language skills must be at least on B1 level.
  • If there is a deficiency notice from the state where your new employer is, it can be relatively quick and you will be here within 3 months. Without a notice, it can take about 6-9 months, but this varies from case to case, as it depends on various factors. Here we will advise you at any time.

How expensive is the apartment?

  • As a rule, the apartments cost between 250-600€. However, this can also vary.

How long does it take to get an interview appointment?

  • As soon as we have your CV, your diploma and your German certificate B1, you are ready for an interview. Depending on the region you want to work in, sometimes we have offers directly and that’s relatively quick. But that can also vary depending on the needs of the clinics.

Who pays the costs of the flights?

  • Your new employer will pay for your travel. We will book and organize your travel together with you.

When can I bring my family?

  • Once you receive your certificate and meet certain requirements (employment contract, housing ect.) you have the possibility to apply for family reunification.

How long does the whole process take?

  • The process depends on the personal requirements you bring with you and also how quickly we find an employer for you. From then on, it takes about 3-9 months.

Where am I going to live while I'm there and do I have to pay for the first few months as well?

  • As soon as you start your job and you move into the apartment, you also have to pay the rent.

How much do I earn before and after the recognition and is that enough for the cost of living in Germany?

  • As a rule, you earn at least 2300€ gross plus allowances before the recognition and at least 2900€ gross plus allowances after the recognition. This is enough for the cost of living. The salary varies depending on the employer and also region.