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We focus on the individual and support people in the process of gaining new opportunities in Germany. We support people who want to gain new opportunities in Germany through migration. As a foreign nursing professional, work in Germany offers you excellent prospects for the future.
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Working in the German health care system

You are looking for a prospect abroad, maybe even in Germany?
Are you a nurse, maternity nurse, doctor and/or medical technical assistant?
Then you have come to the right place.

We will connect you with the right employers. Our team knows exactly what challenges you will face in your daily work in Germany and how we can meet these challenges together with optimal preparation and sustainable integration.
The shortage of medical professionals in Germany is acute..

This is where you come in, because RecruitMed’s goal is to implement solution concepts for the German healthcare system through sustainable and holistic migration as well as the integration of foreign specialists. We support job seekers like you with advice, support and a job placement in Germany.
Our service is free of charge for you!


What opportunities and possibilities does the move to
to Germany offer?

Prospects of a career in

For healthcare professionals, there are numerous opportunities to further their education and career advancement. Employers also promote accredited continuing education and training programs.

Sustainable, state-of-the-art workplaces

German healthcare facilities are generally very well equipped in terms of technology and materials. They also offer secure jobs for skilled workers in Germany, as the number of people in need of care is steadily increasing and the demand for skilled nursing staff is growing.

Salary & other benefits

The earnings of nursing specialists are around €3,500/month (gross) and increase depending on professional experience. Beyond the monthly income, employers* offer many other additional benefits, such as (Christmas) bonuses, and/or vacation pay. In fact, Germany offers many social benefits, e.g. health, pension or unemployment insurance.

Family & Citizenship

In Germany families can be reunited and are further supported by means of the state child benefit and free education. In addition to their own entitlement, the respective life partner also receives a work permit in Germany. After eight years of permanent & legal residence in Germany, there is the possibility of obtaining German citizenship.

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Successfully mediated

“When I came to Germany, I had little experience in nursing. Thanks to RecruitMed, I was well prepared for my new challenges, in the somewhat different care system that exists in Tunisia. The training before my arrival and also the support on site helped me a lot.”

Maternity Nurse – Tunisia


Medical nursing professions

  • Health care and nursing staff
  • Medical technical radiology assistant
  • Geriatric nurses
  • Physiotherapists
  • Maternity nurses

Doctors in all fields

  • Senior physicians
  • Specialists
  • Assistant doctors


Our national client network

We place you at nationally recognized institutions, such as university clinics, hospitals and nursing homes – namely in permanent positions directly with the employer. Our clients are state-of-the-art medical facilities with diverse Specialist areas

and good opportunities for advancement and development. Long-term employee retention, your professional recognition as well as your integration and possible family reunification are actively supported by us and your new employer.


Your motivation and qualifications

The desire to live in Germany long-term

Your new employer is willing to invest in you, which means a substantial commitment of time and money. To be fair, we expect you to have a sincere intention to work in Germany and with your new employer for the long term.

A completed education in nursing or medicine

In Germany, professions in nursing and medicine are regulated professions”. This means that the training for these professions is regulated by the state. For this reason, foreign applicants must have their degrees obtained abroad recognized in Germany. Only then can your professional license be applied for or granted.

The determination to learn the German language

Learning German – made easy! In our excellent in-house language academy, we offer you complete tuition and design the curriculum entirely according to your needs. Mastery of the German language is a prerequisite for your visa application.

A taste for Germany and German culture

It has been proven that the adjustment to life in a new country is more successful when immigrants are open to the culture and customs of the country. We will be happy to provide you with information about the country, its people and culture before your arrival.

And a little courage

A new life in another country means leaving your family and friends behind to start a new adventure.
Does that sound like you?